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A Spirited Company

The purchasing department presents its 2022 roadmap to management,
embody its creative vision to give it more momentum!

A company is a living and mutual assistance space, which has to take care of each one and of links which are forging. A spirited company is an organisation with a great passion, which gives to each one the chance to contribute to plotting out new opportunities and new ways, depending on its talents and wishes.

Resulting from a collaborative work, the company’s wish is to make our contribution to a word where each one can become the best version of himself. We carry this wish that combines business with pleasure: this wish is the bearer of life, hopes and requirements. Being committed to our values ‘daring, goodwill, pride, authenticity, thoroughness’ and guided by moral compass, we bet on the skills, collaboration and performance to make progress our company together.

We believe that it is possible to live a personal achievement within a collective movement, that is why we structure our teams according to a co-building and autonomy approach to reach success together.

Let’s talk about ‘Daring’ !
It is an opportunity for those who take it for working in a different way provided that it serves strategy, performance, collaboration and skills.

Some instances :

– The production service collaborators came one day dressed with the olympic colours identifying themselves as real athletes for presenting their 2022 roadmap.

– Volunteers of the QWL group (‘Quality of Working Life’) put events in place such as ‘Live my life’, ‘Photography Contest’, and so on.

– If someone has forgot to clock in by three times at the packaging service, that is the opportunity to bring a cake for the team!

– During the strategy presentation to the managers, two-person teams exhibited the strategic work lines re-enacting a game show, a weather programme in 2050 or Army’s controllers visit!

– If an enduring partnership seems to be in jeopardy, we begin the meeting asking our client ‘How do we have managed to deteriorate a valuable 20-year-old relationship in six months?’.

– There is a stratety review for a process? We invite a supplier and play Legos® together!


« In my opinion the concept of a spirited company presents as the hapiness for coming to work, freedom for organising activities within the company, pride, interaction, and creating value. As colleagues, we share moments of joy, support, challenging. The induction sessions that we have at the beginning of each meeting favour for instance these convivial moments. »

Boubacar Ba – Public Relations Manager
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