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Social Commitment

Giving and Receiving

The consciousness that we have of our responsabilities is at the core of our actions and guides our commitments concerning our area. We know that for it is in giving that we receive. We need a dynamic region to exist and we must take part in this dynamism through our position as employer and our participation in collective actions.

The position of the company is an issue which must be constantly renewed. The company has to grow with the Society’s needs and contributes to the evolution of these needs.

The wish that we have defined during meeting in collaborative intelligence compels us to question our practices, our relationships and comes in our strategic priorities.

Thus we talk about the choice of growth questionning ourselves on the meaning that we want to give to growth, and it is about growth of skills and values for us. Two of our 2022-2025 strategic areas invite us to take action for the humans and for the planet, as well as to develop human and technical skills.

Our wish: “Contributing to a world where each one can become the best version of himself.”


« I need my action make sense. When I took the company over in 2012, I ask myself about the position of company director. Nowadays in this complex world, I dream of bringing simplicity, concord and happiness. I think that it needs to take care of links starting from the place where each one is. »

Nathalie Augé – AMG Company Director
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