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Development and Mobility

An organisation which do not progess is doomed to decline. In a changing and complex world, we need to develop and adapt all the time. As our company is growing, we offer all our collaborators the possibility of expanding skills into their current position or on other assignment. We encourage the internal mobility in the different structures of our group, wether be temporary or definitive.

Being warehouse worker or supply chain manager, quality manager or sales director, or else being operator or supplier, purchasing assistant or purchasing manager… There are a lot of career developments examples.


« In 2006 I started to work at AMTE as quality manager and I became sales director in 2018. The company management has managed to support this personal challenge. My duty is to earn projects which protect the sustainability of the company and jobs, and which contribute to ensure the prosperity of the region. »

Frédéric Blanc – Sales Director
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